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Pregnant women who take Paxil during their first trimester increase the risk their babies will be born with birth defects. The FDA has released a warning stating the risk of birth defects can be increased by two times the normal rate. Paxil may cause a baby to be born with holes in the walls of the chambers of their heart, otherwise known as atrial and ventricular septal defects.

In response to this study, Paxil's manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline ("GSK") was forced to update Paxil's warning labels. Furthermore, the FDA asked GSK to update Paxil's pregnancy category from C to D. This warning is a stronger one and is due to the fact that studies of Paxil have demonstrated a significant risk to a woman's baby.

Paxil Overview

Paxil is a member of drugs known as selective serotonin re-uptake inhibitors, or “SSRI” that is manufactured by the large pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline. Patients who have taken Paxil were exposed to serious risks that may not have been adequately represented when first prescribed. These risks include:

  • Severe birth injuries and birth defects
  • Being born with a heart defect
  • Suicidal tendencies

It has also been discovered that GlaxoSmithKline may have hidden dangerous facts about this drug and allegedly misrepresented data on prescribing Paxil to children.

Paxil lawsuit attorneys are skilled and have experience representing individuals who have been harmed by this dangerous drug. Paxil attorneys can help Paxil victims obtain compensation for their injuries. If you took Paxil and later developed a serious side effect it’s important to speak with an attorney immediately. If you fail to file a timely claim you may forever forfeit your ability to recover for your injuries.

History of Paxil Side Effects

Over the years, the safety of Paxil has been questioned.. Furthemore, Paxil was never FDA approved for patients younger than the age 18 because of studies showing it was inneffective. Over the years, adults using Paxil have filed lawsuits over adverse side effects and problems associated with withdrawal. Now GlaxoSmithKline is facing a number of lawsuits from parents of children and adolescents given Paxil after making claims the company has suppressed data showing the drug increased suicidal tendencies in young people.

In 2005, the Food and Drug Administration issued an alert to health care professionals and patients warning them of a study that showed individuals who took Paxil were at an increased risk for birth defects, “particularly heart defects.” Taking Paxil is especially risky for pregnant women in the first three months of their pregnancy.

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As a result of these distressing statistics, lawsuits are being filed by parents of children and adolescents, as well as adult patients currently using Paxil regarding its potentially disabling and deadly side effects and withdrawal effects. Have you suffered from dependency or addiction to Paxil or from any of its side effects? Has your child been harboring more suicidal or violent thoughts that may be linked with his or her use of Paxil? Did you take Paxil during the first trimester of your pregnancy and your child was born either prematurely, with a heart defect, or a serious condition where your baby did not have enough oxygen in his or her blood? If so, contact an experienced and reputable Paxil attorney immediately.

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