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Beginning May 21, 2012, patients in the United States who received injections of Methylprednisolone Acetate (steroid) were exposed to a fungus that could potentially lead to developing a life threatening fungal meningitis infection. As of October 26, 2012, 331 patients exposed to the tainted injections have developed fungal meningitis. Of these victims 5 have died. Most of these victims live in either the east coast or midwest.

In total, three "lots" of the tainted steroid were distributed across the country to medical centers from New England Compounding Center (click to view a full list of the clinics that received shipments). According to the Center for Disease Control, as many as 14,000 people may have been exposed to the tainted steroid. Furthermore, the FDA has released a warning advising patients who believe they may have been exposed to seek immediately medical attention, especially if they experience any of the side effects listed on the "Fungal Meningitis" tab at the top of this page. A warning letter has also been sent to at risk patients.

The following table displays data of the number of people who received tainted steroid injections and later reported an illness, such as Fungal Meningitis, or died. (LAST UPDATED 11/21/2012)

State Reported Cases Deaths
Florida 25 3
Georgia 1 0
Idaho 1 0
Illinois 2 0
Indiana 73 9
Maryland 25 2
Michigan 238 12
Minnesota 12 1
North Carolina 17 1
New Hampshire 13 0
New Jersey 46 0
New York 1 0
Ohio 19 0
Pennsylvania 1 0
Rhode Island 3 0
South Carolina 2 0
Tennessee 145 14
Texas 2 0
Virginia 52 2
Total 678 34


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If you believe you do have a fungal meningitis lawsuit do not delay in speaking with an attorney. If you wait too long you may pass the statute of limitations and forever lose your ability to recover for your injuries.

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