3 Reasons you Need a Biomet Attorney

There are 3 reasons you need a Biomet Attorney:

Defective Product

The main reason many hire an attorney to represent them is their belief that Biomet sold the hip replacement system knowing it was defective. Reports suggest that Biomet knew the dangers associated with the implant. However, instead of taking it off the market, they heavily advertised the product as the safer and more advantageous alternative as compared to other products with the same purpose. Usually, when this occurs the manufacturer may be liable under the theory of products liability.  This is no easy case to win on your own, as you (the injured patient) must prove a number of elements.  An experienced Biomet hip lawyer will help you prove your case against the manufacturer.

Same injuries by other Patients

You should hire an attorney specialized in Biomet hip replacement to represent you because Biomet’s hip replacement systems have injured a number of patients. Biomet’s hip replacement has caused a series of serious problems to individuals who have undergone the same hip replacement surgery. Even though, there has been no Biomet M2a Magnum hip replacement system Class Action Lawsuits to date, a Multi-district Litigation has been requested. This means that many others have fallen victim to the hip replacement surgery, and consulting with an attorney may prove beneficial.

FDA is reviewing the Product

Even though the FDA has not yet recalled the Biomet M2a Magnum hip replacement system, they are currently in the process of reviewing its safety.  There have been a number of negative reports concerning the product. Just because the FDA is reviewing something does not mean that it is defective. However, there may be some issues of concern that you need to be aware of. Speaking to a Biomet attorney is encouraged, as they may have the answers to many of your questions. 

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