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Cerebral Palsy Overview

What Is Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral Palsy is a disorder that affects muscle tone, movement, and motor skills in children and adults. Cerebral Palsy is one of the most common birth disorders. Premature babies, especially those who weigh less than 3.3 pounds, have a higher risk of being born with cerebral palsy. Depending on the severity of the cerebral palsy, a child diagnosed with cerebral palsy may need intensive therapy. However, even with therapy, a child may never be able to grow up to be an independent adult because of the disorder.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy In Children?

Cerebral Palsy is usually caused by brain damage before or during a child's birth. This brain damage can occur because of a physician's mistake or a hospital's negligence. The most common cause of cerebral palsy is an infection during pregnancy, significant bouncing of a baby, oxygen deprivation to the brain, or trauma to the head during labor or delivery. Sometimes cerebral palsy is caused by medication the mother took before or during the time she was pregnant (like Paxil or Accutane). Unfortunately, there is no cure for cerebral palsy.

Can I File A Cerebral Palsy Lawsuit For My Child?

If your child was born with cerebral palsy you may be able to file a lawsuit if the disorder was caused by a physician's error or hospital's negligence. This is usually called medical malpractice - a mistake caused by medical error, malpractice, or negligence that leads to a child developing cerebral palsy.

The Cost Of Raising A Child With Cerebral Palsy

Children with cerebral palsy require therapy, extended medical care, and other cerebral palsy treatments that can cause a significant financial hardship. Some have estimated the average cost to raise a child with cerebral palsy to be $921,000. If your child developed cerebral palsy because of the medical malpractice or negligence of a doctor or medical staff, it's important to speak with an experienced cerebral palsy lawyer today. Your attorney may be able to help you recover money from those who caused the cerebral palsy injuries. However, if you wait too long to file a claim you may forfeit your ability to ever file a cerebral palsy lawsuit.

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