NuvaRing Lawsuit Updates

Beginning in 2008, NuvaRing attorneys across the country began filing lawsuits against Organon USA, Inc., Organon Pharmaceuticals USA, Inc., and several other distributors and, marketers of the NuvaRing birth control device on the behalf of their clients who were victims who suffered serious side effects after use of the product. Although there are several reasons why these victims sued these defendants, the most common arguments in their lawsuits claimed that the defendants failed to properly warn them of the serious side effects to the drug. As many may be aware, the NuvaRing is a birth control contraceptive which is inserted into a woman’s vagina which releases low doses of hormone to prevent pregnancy. Despite advocates who believe that this device is more effective at preventing pregnancy when compared to oral contraceptives, such as the “birth control pill”, there have been overwhelming clinical studies that reveal that there are serious side effects associated with the use of this product. Among the serious injuries in which plaintiffs in the lawsuits have claimed are deep vein thrombosis, venous thrombotic embolisms, cerebral venous sinus thrombosis, and pulmonary embolism.

Further, since 2008, more than 700 victims across the country have claimed that they were seriously hurt or injured by the NuvaRing, or had a loved one who died after using this product. Today, NuvaRing lawsuits are still being filed in state and federal courts across the country and due to the significantly large number of lawsuits which and are expected to continue to be filed against Organon USA and others, several independent lawsuits have been consolidated into a Multi-district litigation lawsuits, or MDL. In a MDL, each plaintiff has agreed to join others with similar claims, but retain their independent rights to any type of monetary compensation in which the courts may award to them if it is found that the defendants are liable for causing the plaintiffs’ injuries.

If you or a loved one has suffered an adverse side effect, or has died and you believe that the NuvaRing is responsible for your injury or harm, you should contact a NuvaRing lawsuit attorney to discuss your case. Our site has listed many attorneys from across the country who are currently representing the victims and who remain investigating legal claims. If it is found that Oraganon USA, including its distributors or marketers, among possible others, the courts could award you monetary compensation to recover cost for your harm.

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