NuvaRing Pending Litigation Updates

According to sources, plaintiffs who have filed a lawsuit against Merck, Organon Pharmaceuticals, and other defendants in a New Jersey Mass Tort action could be one step closer to winning their settlements. Sources say that 125 NuvaRing lawsuits are currently pending in a New Jersey court, and it is expected that some of the lawsuits filed by plaintiffs could go to trial in February 2013. In these lawsuits, plaintiffs have claimed that the defendants failed to properly design the NuvaRing birth control device, failed to warn the victims about serious adverse effects after use of the products, and should be held liable to their damages. Among the most serious side effects these plaintiffs contend that  have suffered due to the Nuva Ring device are blood clotting, deaths, heart attacks and strokes. NuvaRing is a popular birth control contraceptive used by women to prevent pregnancy.

Although this will be great news if the defendants would take responsibility of their actions and compensate the victims, it is still unknown what will happen to the approximately 820 cases which are or will be pending in a Multidistrict litigation (MDL) in the Eastern District of Missouri. The victims who are the plaintiffs in this MDL action hired a NuvaRing lawsuit attorney to represent their individual legal interests, but have agreed to have their cases consolidated into one lawsuit because they have suffered similar adverse effects from NuvaRing. In MDL litigation, plaintiffs are legally entitled to keep their individual legal rights, and if any monetary compensation is awarded by the courts to compensate them, they will be able to receive the amount in which they are or will be suing for.

Nevertheless, a NuvaRing lawsuit is very complicated and unless you hire an attorney to represent you, you should not seek to file a lawsuit against a large manufacturer such as the defendants in these cases. The kinds of cases normally require extensive investigation into the facts and voluminous documents to show the courts that that the defendants are liable. If you or a family member has been harmed, or a loved one has died as a result of the NuvaRing, contact an attorney who specializes in products liability lawsuits. On our site there are several NuvaRing lawyers who are interested in discussing your potential legal claims against the defendants and can advise you of your legal options.

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