Is your Stryker Hip Replacement Making a Squeaky Noise?

You notice that with every step you take  a loud squeaky noise follows. You then realize that you’ve recently had hip replacement. Should I be concerned you ask?  Studies have concluded that the squeaky noise is a result of your hip replacement surgery. More specifically, the ceramic on ceramic hip replacement is the culprit of the loud squeaky noise given the  ceramics design.  It was in 2003 when Stryker began marketing its product - the highly durable ceramic hip-  that the number of squeaky hips complaints increased according to research studies. Those studies showed that once the squeaky noise started, it never stopped.    

As a result of the squeaky hip noise, numerous lawsuits ensued with the product manufacturing company, Stryker Trident Hip. If you hear any squeaky noises after your Stryker Trident hip replacement, don’t delay in contacting your attorney.

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